The Best Chance of Your Life, To Train With A Former SAS CQC Instructor.

It's possible with Close Quarter Combat-Personal Safety, Security and Awareness

  • Simplicity:- Keeping techniques as basic and simple as is practically possible.
  • Control :- The main objectives of any violent confrontation on the street is to gain and maintain control of the situation.
  • Offence :- Once you have made the decision to protect yourself or a loved one, you must go on the attack, putting your attacker on the defence and keeping them there until they are no longer a threat. 
  • Power :- Execute each technique with all the explosive power you can muster and keep executing them until your attacker is under your control.
  • Effectiveness :- Only use techniques that have been proven through effective self protection and Close Quater Combat.

Richard 'Ginge' Johnson

On the 6th April 2019 we are running a one day Close Quarter Combat course at Park House School, Andover Road, Newbury RG14 6NQ. Our course will be led by Richard 'Ginge'Johnson a former member of the 22nd Special Air Service and Close Quarter Combat Instructor and adding his CQC/Street Awareness Syllabus "Personal Awareness" In short this course is being taught by a guy who has used what he is going to show you in an operational theatre of war. Therefore it will be basic and brutal, so please dont expect any fancy moves that you see in the movies. This is a seminar for anyone over the age of 18 who values their own safety and that of their family and loved ones. 

SAS legend Lofty Wiseman will again be be taking part with us, he will also be there for a chat and photos. He will also have copies of his book "Who Dares Grins"to sign and sell. If you have any of his other books,bring them along and he will also sign them.

Ready to try it for yourself?